sEEG Forced Two-Choice Task

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sEEG Forced Two-Choice Task
sEEG Forced Two-Choice Task
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Welcome to our dataset! Here we present stereoelectroencephalography data from a forced two-choice response task collected in the epilepsy monitoring unit at Oregon Health & Science University. The data was analyzed in collaboration with the University of Oregon. The accompanying paper is under review and will be linked here upon publication.


Appelhoff, S., Sanderson, M., Brooks, T., Vliet, M., Quentin, R., Holdgraf, C., Chaumon, M., Mikulan, E., Tavabi, K., Höchenberger, R., Welke, D., Brunner, C., Rockhill, A., Larson, E., Gramfort, A. and Jas, M. (2019). MNE-BIDS: Organizing electrophysiological data into the BIDS format and facilitating their analysis. Journal of Open Source Software 4: (1896).

Holdgraf, C., Appelhoff, S., Bickel, S., Bouchard, K., D'Ambrosio, S., David, O., … Hermes, D. (2019). iEEG-BIDS, extending the Brain Imaging Data Structure specification to human intracranial electrophysiology. Scientific Data, 6, 102.


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