The Reading Brain Project L2 Adults

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The Reading Brain Project L2 Adults
The Reading Brain Project L2 Adults
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OpenNeuro curator note: This dataset was previously accessible at ds002317. The dataset was reuploaded due to privacy considerations.

This dataset contains the bilingual (L2) adult subset of the Reading Brain Project (RBP) data, focusing on 56 participants who underwent two sessions of testing: MRI scanning and behavioral tests tests; collected 2-3 days apart. During the first session, following the scanning of structural (T1-weighted) and resting-state data, participants performed a reading task with simultaneous eye-tracking and fMRI scanning, and the session ended with a diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) scan. The second session consisted of only behavioral tests, including five standardized tests: the Attention Network Test (ANT), Gray's Silent Reading Test (GSRT), Letter-Number Sequencing (LNS), Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT-4), and Tower of Hanoi (ToH), followed by a survey: Reading Background Questionnaire (RBQ), which includes familiarity rating for the topics of our five reading texts. The raw data are all provided here. The first 28 subjects (sub-01 to sub-28) were native speakers of Mandarin Chinese living in the United States. Their data was collected in Hershey, PA. The second 28 subjects (sub-29 to sub-56) were native speakers of Mandarin Chinese who lived in China. Their data was collected in Beijing, China.

An updated version of the methodology document will be available at under L2 Adult dataset/


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