HD-EEG task with mouse tracking

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HD-EEG task with mouse tracking
HD-EEG task with mouse tracking
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## Description

This dataset was collected in 2020, which combining high-density Electroencephalography (HD-EEG, 128 channels) and mouse-tracking intended as a resource for examining the dynamic decision process of semantics and preference choices in the human brain. The dataset includes high-density resting-state and task-related (food preference choices and semantic judgements) EEG acquired from 31 individuals (ages: 18–33).

EEG acquisition

The EEG data were acquired using a 128-channel cap based on the standard 10/20 System with Electrical Geodesics Inc (EGI, Eugene, Oregon) system. During recording, sampling rate was 1000Hz, and the E129 (Cz) electrode was used as reference. Electrode impedance were kept below 50kohm for each electrode during the experiment.


Please refer to the corresponding paper and code to get more details.

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