Foraging in competitive and hazardous environments

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BIDS Validation

Foraging in competitive and hazardous environments
Foraging in competitive and hazardous environments
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This dataset contains fMRI data for the paper "Neural encoding of socially adjusted value during competitive and hazardous foraging" by Brian Silston, Toby Wise, Song Qi, Xin Sui, Peter Dayan & Dean Mobbs.

Raw data is not provided (this will be added at a later date), but minimally preprocessed data from fmriprep are included in the derivatives folder. Structural files are included in the top level sub-* directory mainly for the purposes of passing BIDS validation.

Results of the RSA and univariate analyses are also provided. First level maps used for the RSA analysis are included in derivatives/first_level, while outputs from the RSA analyses themselves are available in derivatives/rsa_revised. All outputs from the univariate analyses are provided in derivatives/univariate.

Code to reproduce these analysis, along with behavioural data, is available on GitHub at https://github.com/mobbslab/foraging_paper.


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