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Overview ======== Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) has opened the door to brain mapping of perceptual, motor, or cognitive functions. As such, it provides an instrumental basis for the whole field of cognitive neuroimag- ing. However, there exists to date no data collection that systematically maps representations for a wide-variety of mental functions at a fine spa- tial scale. The Individual Brain Charting (IBC) project is collecting a high-resolution multi-task-fMRI dataset, to provide an objective basis for a comprehensive atlas of brain responses. The data refer to a cohort of twelve participants performing many different tasks. Acquiring a large amount of tasks on the same subjects yields a precise mapping of the underlying functions, free from both inter-subject and inter-site variabil- ity. Additionally, the dataset comes with high-resolution anatomical and diffusion images, to achieve a fine anatomical characterization of these brains.

Dataset content overview

This is an overview of the dataset content.

More information and updates are available at http://project.inria.fr/IBC/

The data in release 1 are organized as follows:

./task*.json: Descritpion of the tasks used in this release ./participants.tsv Description of the participants ./sub-XX subject directories ./sub-XX/ses-YY session directories

Note that there are many sessions per subject and that the session are numbered according to acquisition date, which yields different actual acquisitions depending on the subjects. The data are thus much better by the MRI file names, than by session id.

Session directories comprise the following subdirectories: * anat/ for T1w-, T2w- and flair image * dwi/ for diffusion-weighted data * fmap/ for field maps * func/ for functional data

Note that diffusion-weighted, T2-weighted and FLAIR images are not meant to be used for advanced neuroimaging investigations. They were acquired to check the absence of conspicuos abnormalities at screening stage. High-resolution anatomical and diffusion-weighted images will be procided in the future.

Regarding functional data, the file naming conventions is sub-XX_ses-YY_task-ZZZ_acq-AA_bold.nii.gz, where * XX is the subject id * YY is the session id * ZZZ is one of the twelve tasks used * 'AA' is either ap pa, corresponding to the phase encoding direction

These fMRI files are provided together with sub-XX_ses-YY_task-ZZZ_acq-AA_events.tsv files, that describe the corresponding events.

In the same folder, the 'ap' and 'pa' variant of a given acquisition are always found. the corresponding fiel maps are available in the fmap folder to correct distortions. test-retest or fixed effectsmodels can be computed across the corresponding data after suitable preprocessing.

More information and material

The functional protocols used can be dowloaded at: https://github.com/hbp-brain-charting/public_protocols

Analysis scripts can be found at: https://github.com/hbp-brain-charting/public_analysis_code

Contact ======= Bertrand Thirion, bertrand.thirion@inria.fr

4211 1.09TB
  •   acq-0_dir-ap_epi.json
  •   acq-0_dir-pa_epi.json
  •   acq-1_dir-ap_epi.json
  •   acq-1_dir-pa_epi.json
  •   acq-mb3_dir-ap_epi.json
  •   acq-mb3_dir-pa_epi.json
  •   acq-mb6_dir-ap_epi.json
  •   acq-mb6_dir-pa_epi.json
  •   dataset_description.json
  •   dir-ap_epi.json
  •   dir-pa_epi.json
  •   dwi.json
  •   participants.tsv
  •   README
  •   task-ArchiEmotional_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiEmotional_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-ArchiEmotional_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiEmotional_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-ArchiSocial_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiSocial_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-ArchiSocial_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiSocial_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-ArchiSpatial_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiSpatial_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-ArchiSpatial_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiSpatial_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-ArchiStandard_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiStandard_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-ArchiStandard_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-ArchiStandard_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-Audio_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-Audio_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-Bang_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-Bang_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-ClipsTrn_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-ClipsTrn_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-ClipsTrn_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-ClipsTrn_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-ClipsVal_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-ClipsVal_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-ClipsVal_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-ClipsVal_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-ContRing_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-ContRing_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-Enumeration_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-Enumeration_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-Enumeration_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-Enumeration_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-ExpRing_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-ExpRing_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpEmotion_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-HcpEmotion_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpEmotion_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-HcpEmotion_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpGambling_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-HcpGambling_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpGambling_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-HcpGambling_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpLanguage_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-HcpLanguage_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpLanguage_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-HcpLanguage_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpMotor_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-HcpMotor_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpMotor_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-HcpMotor_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpRelational_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-HcpRelational_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpRelational_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-HcpRelational_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpSocial_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-HcpSocial_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpSocial_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-HcpSocial_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpWm_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-HcpWm_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-HcpWm_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-HcpWm_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-MTTNS_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-MTTNS_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-MTTNS_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-MTTNS_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-MTTWE_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-MTTWE_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-MTTWE_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-MTTWE_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferenceFaces_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-PreferenceFaces_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferenceFaces_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-PreferenceFaces_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferenceFood_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-PreferenceFood_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferenceFood_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-PreferenceFood_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferenceHouses_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-PreferenceHouses_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferenceHouses_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-PreferenceHouses_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferencePaintings_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-PreferencePaintings_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-PreferencePaintings_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-PreferencePaintings_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-Raiders_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-Raiders_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-RestingState_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-RestingState_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-RestingState_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-RestingState_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-RSVPLanguage_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-RSVPLanguage_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-RSVPLanguage_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-RSVPLanguage_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-Self_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-Self_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-Self_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-Self_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-VSTM_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-VSTM_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-VSTM_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-VSTM_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-WedgeAnti_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-WedgeAnti_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-WedgeAnti_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-WedgeAnti_dir-pa_sbref.json
  •   task-WedgeClock_dir-ap_bold.json
  •   task-WedgeClock_dir-ap_sbref.json
  •   task-WedgeClock_dir-pa_bold.json
  •   task-WedgeClock_dir-pa_sbref.json
  • sub-01
  • sub-02
  • sub-04
  • sub-05
  • sub-06
  • sub-07
  • sub-08
  • sub-09
  • sub-11
  • sub-12
  • sub-13
  • sub-14
  • sub-15


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By gse.nuks@gmail.com - about 2 years ago

I have a few access denied over bold files, cf. https://sourceb.in/1a51206c67

Can you provide further information about why the access to these files is denied ?
By nell@squishymedia.com - about 2 years ago
Can you please try downloading again? We addressed this issue today and it should be possible to download the entire dataset via S3 or DataLad.
By gse.nuks@gmail.com - about 2 years ago
All working perfect ! :-)
By ngohoanggia@gmail.com - almost 2 years ago
Dear Sir/Mam,

Can you help me check if there are some problems with T2 and FLAIR files for some subjects, e.g. sub-01/ses-00/anat/sub-01_ses-00_FLAIR.nii.gz. The affected subjects are sub-01, sub-08, sub-14, sub-15.
Specifically, when I tried mri_head -read, I got the following error:
niiRead(): NIFTI_UNITS_UNKNOWN, assuming mm
couldn't open or determine file type of sub-08/ses-00/anat/sub-08_ses-00_FLAIR.nii.gz
Can you be so kind to help me check on those files?
Thank you!

By montecarlorun@gmail.com - about 1 year ago
Hello, can you guide me how I can remove skull from BOLD images?
By arnaud.bore@gmail.com - 10 months ago
Quick comment: why the json files are missing from the anat folder ? I would need those for the T1w images.
Thank you in advance.