Multi-echo masking test dataset

BIDS Validation


How to Download

Download with Node.js

Using @openneuro/cli you can download this dataset from the command line using Node.js. This method is good for larger datasets or unstable connections, but has known issues on Windows.

openneuro download --snapshot 1.0.0 ds002156 ds002156-download/

This will download to ds002156-download/ in the current directory. If your download is interrupted and you need to retry, rerun the command to resume the download.

Download from S3

The most recently published snapshot can be downloaded from S3. This method is best for larger datasets or unstable connections. This example uses AWS CLI.

aws s3 sync --no-sign-request s3://openneuro.org/ds002156 ds002156-download/

To download unpublished datasets or older snapshots, see advanced methods below.

Download with DataLad

Public datasets can be downloaded with DataLad or Git Annex from GitHub.

datalad install https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds002156.git

Check out getting started with DataLad for more on how to use this download method.