Multi-echo masking test dataset

BIDS Validation



This is one run of multi-echo resting state data and accompanying defaced anatomical scans shared to help debug masking issues with multiecho datasets.
This data was collected as part of a longitudinal study of adolescent depression that will be released in 2020.

Multi-echo masking test dataset
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Multi-echo masking test dataset
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By - almost 3 years ago

By - almost 3 years ago
I am having trouble with understanding how S3 works in this specific case. If someone could help me or navigate me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

I want to analyze this dataset with Dask. I do not want to download this dataset to my local machine.

How do I connect to the dataset remotely? Is it better to connect directly to openneuro bucket or would it be better to somehow copy over the dataset to my own bucketlist? Additionally, what is the name of the bucketlist here, is it "", "ds002156" or something else?

If anyone had experience with this I would really value your input. Thanks in advance!