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By brochard.jules@gmail.com - about 2 years ago

By brochard.jules@gmail.com - about 2 years ago
Hello and thanks for sharing.

Subject 19 has no " sub-19_task-ColorDots_run-03_bold.nii.gz" and "sub-19_task-Memory_run-01_bold.nii.gz" files :(
By bakkour@uchicago.edu - about 2 years ago
Hi Jules,
Yes, sub-19 moved too much on run 3 of the dots task and run 1 of the memory task. These runs were not included in the analyses for the paper, so I did not include them here.
Exclusion criteria were set before scanning. A run was excluded if FD and DVARS exceeded .5 on more than 25% of TRs. A participant was excluded if more than one run of a particular task met the criterion in the previous sentence. I include the events.tsv because the run was included in the behavioral analysis in the paper.
I hope that helps.