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By - over 2 years ago
When I downloaded with my browser, it can't be opened. When I used the S3, there was no response. How to download the data? Thanks a lot.
By - over 2 years ago
Hi Eric, hope all is well! When you say that the files cannot be opened, do you mean that the downloaded zip folder cannot be opened? I was just able to download several of the files from the repository with no issue. I wonder if it is something on the backend?
By - over 2 years ago
Hello, I was wondering if this data set had any resting state recordings and if there were also any behavioral depression data collected as well (BDI, etc.,) Thanks in advance, Anna Madden-Rusnak (Texas State University)
By - over 2 years ago
Hi there! We collected eyes-open EEG resting state data with both DBS ON and OFF in five patients. We've now made that data available (please see participants.tsv to see which patients have resting state data).

In participants.tsv you will also find baseline (preoperative) and follow-up scores on the Montgomery–Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS). Hope that helps!
By - over 2 years ago
It might have taken four months for me to realize that there was a reply, but thank you!!!
By - about 2 years ago
You write in the README that "Three anatomical fiducials were digitized for aligning the MEG with the pre-operative MRI". However, there is no MEG in this dataset, right? Am I correct that the procedure is to align the EEG electrodes with the pre-op MRI? And to follow up: electrode positions were not recorded for individual subjects, correct?
By - about 2 years ago
Hi Dr. Oostenveld,

Apologies for the delay in responding! Thank you for pointing out the typo -- the README has been updated to reflect that the fiducials were digitized for aligning the EEG with the pre-operative MRI. You are correct, this is an EEG-only dataset.

The electrode positions were also digitized and should be accessible in the FIFF files. Hope that helps!
By - 9 months ago
Hi, I wanna download resting state fmri dataset of bipolar disorder. How can find this dataset?
By - 9 months ago
Hi I was wondering where I can find the resting state fMRI dataset?
Who can I ask? where should I look?
By - 20 days ago
Firstly, thank you for this dataset!

I am attempting to clean the task data using EEGLAB. However, I am having trouble reading in the behavioural file and adding the events.

My question is, for the behavioural .tsv files, do the onsets of the stimuli correspond to the EEG data being 1?

For example, if the first trial onset was at 3 seconds according to the .tsv file, would it mean a trial onset event should be at the 3 second mark in the EEG file?

Thank you,