Layer VASO in visual system

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Layer VASO in visual system
Layer VASO in visual system
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High-resolution VASO in V1

Renzo Huber


With recent developments of ultra-high field MRI and high-resolution CBV-sensitive VASO sequences, it became possible to measure activity changes across cortical depths in brain areas of large cortical thicknesses (4mm in M1). Applications of layer-dependent CBV-fMRI in the visual cortex, however, have been complicated by long arterial-arrival-times, coverage requirements, and lower cortical thickness (1.9mm). Here, we developed new sequence setups for layer-dependent acquisition of CBV changes during tasks and resting-state. We find that the proposed large-coverage VASO protocols with 0.8mm (iso) resolutions can pinpoint feedforward and feedback input into V1 from LGN and V5 during tasks and resting-state. The data uploaded here are used in the ISMRM abstract entitled: Measuring layer-dependent CBV fMRI in the visual system. A full list of sequence parameters can be found here: https://github.com/layerfMRI/Sequence_Github/blob/master/Visual/S26_protocol.pdf A description of all the pitfalls in acquiring these data is given here: https://layerfmri.com/2018/04/12/ss-si-vaso-pitfalls-in-visual-cortex/


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