Twilight Zone Movie Watching Dataset

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Twilight Zone Movie Watching Dataset
Twilight Zone Movie Watching Dataset
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Task: 24 subjects watched a complete 25-minute black-and-white television episode (the Twilight Zone, They had no instructions other than to attend to the movie. An eyetracking calibration period preceded the movie; the movie begins at TR=15.

Image acquisition: MRI data were collected on a 3T full-body scanner (Siemens Skyra) with a 16-channel head coil. Functional images were acquired using a T2*-weighted echo planar imaging (EPI) pulse sequence (TR 1500 ms, TE 28 ms, flip angle 64, whole-brain coverage 27 slices of 4 mm thickness, in-plane resolution 3 x 3 mm2, FOV 192 x 192 mm2), ascending interleaved. Anatomical images were acquired using a T1-weighted MPRAGE pulse sequence (0.89 mm3 resolution).

Image pre-processing: The first two volumes of each functional run were discarded for T1 equilibration. Preprocessing was performed in FSL, including slice time correction, motion correction, linear detrending, high-pass filtering (140 s cutoff), and coregistration and affine transformation of the functional volumes to a template brain (MNI). Functional images were resampled to 3 mm isotropic voxels.

File descriptions: sub# refers to set of individual subject data. There are 24 subjects and thus 24 files.


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By - over 4 years ago
Are the T1 anat images available for this dataset? That is needed for preprocessing with fmriprep.
By - over 4 years ago
I am in contact with the researcher and will get T1s as soon as possible.
By - about 4 years ago
Great! Thank you.
By - about 4 years ago
The anatomical images are now available.
By - almost 3 years ago
Thanks again for your contribution and your responsiveness!

I wanted to point out two discrepancies.

1) In task-watchmovie_bold.json, the TR is set to 1s, whereas the the README, it is indicated that it is 1.5s. The latter value seems to be the true one, as otherwise the run would end in 1028 seconds (17 minutes), while the stimuli is 25 mins.

2) The event files only indicate a single onset for a movie, but there are two files. I assume they played back to back, but ideally the onset of each stimuli would be indicated in events.tsv (along with a stim_file column pointing to the specific file.

According to ffmpeg, the two clips add up to 1442.28 seconds. Whereas the duration indicated in the event files is 1509 seconds. The run length (assuming TR of 1.5) is 1542 seconds.

Assuming the onset and duration in the event files this would also leave 7.5 seconds after the stimulus ends of fmri collection.

It would be hugely appreciated if somebody could weigh in on these details.

Thank you.
By - over 3 years ago
Is the stimulus available for this dataset? It would be great if the dataset was amended to include the videos used.
By - about 3 years ago
The videos have been added.