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By - over 2 years ago
Hello -- thank you for making this very nice dataset available! There has been some general interest in utilizing this dataset for machine learning tutorials, and additionally as a toy dataset to be included with the nilearn Python module ( It is my understanding that the data has been blurred with a 5 mm Gaussian filter. We were hoping to access a version of the data that has *not* been smoothed? Is any such version of the dataset available, or would it be possible to make one available? Thanks again!
By - over 2 years ago
Hello, and thanks for your interest in the data! You are correct that the preprocessed data have been smoothed (and realigned/coregistered and normalized). These data live in a subfolder of the derivatives folder (confusingly currently named fmriprep; preprocessing was done in-house using SPM8 and not fmriprep). Raw data are available in the subjects folders that are at the same hierarchy level as the derivatives folder (i.e., on the main page of this dataset). You could use these raw data for your purposes; note that you will at least need to implement realignment/coregistration if you use the raw data. We unfortunately do not have data that have gone through other preprocessing steps but not smoothing.
By - about 3 years ago
How can I find the age of each subject?
By - over 2 years ago
Hello! This information is in the participants.tsv file.