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By - almost 2 years ago
hello, can you please me by clarifying what is the slice order acquisition for this time series(ascending, descending, interleaved(bottom-up/top-down/middle-top/siemens)?
By - about 3 years ago
Hello, I'm having a problem accessing the files in the zip archive. I've got an error message when unzipping. I downloaded it twice, and tried to extract it on linux and windows and got a 'Corrupted file error', both when trying to extract all the files, or only one subject files
By - about 3 years ago
Perhaps the transfer was interrupted which can happen sometimes. You should try downloading the dataset using Amazon Web Services S3 protocol. The dataset is available at s3:// You can use the AWS CLI to perform the download (you will have to use `--no-sign-request` flag to avoid having to provide any credentials):
By - almost 3 years ago
Hello, I have a quick question about the dataset. Have you done all the preprocessing steps for the fMRI data like realignment and time slicing? If not, any suggestion about how to do it? I am really in trouble with these steps. Thanks.
By - over 2 years ago
Hello, this is very informative, however, how can I get the sleep stages(wake-through-NREM-REM) information from this experiment?
By - almost 2 years ago

By - over 1 year ago
Thanks a lot for sharing the data.
Age would be an important confounders anyway. So, I am wondering whether the exact ages of the subjuects have bee available now? Where should I find it? Actually, I tried to follow my downloaded dataset not to find the exact ages instead of age groups.
By - 11 months ago
Hello and thanks for your question. Sorry for the long delay in responding, I did not see the comment until now. The exact ages are not present in the published dataset in order to reduce the risk of reidentification. Please e-mail me directly:
By - 12 months ago
Hello. The T2W images from session 1 looks like FLAIR - not t2w. I am having a problem analyzing the data through fmriprep.
201106-18:57:28,292 nipype.workflow INFO: [Node] Running "11_add_gm" ("nipype.interfaces.ants.utils.ImageMath"), a CommandLine Interface with command: ImageMath 3 08_mult_gm_maths.nii.gz addtozero /export/prod/5fa31ed129699c4b62edefa9/5fa56cfc29699ca973ee4591/fmripworkdir/fmriprep_wf/single_subject_9002_wf/anat_preproc_wf/brain_extraction_wf/atropos_wf/08_mult_gm/08_mult_gm.nii.gz /export/prod/5fa31ed129699c4b62edefa9/5fa56cfc29699ca973ee4591/fmripworkdir/fmriprep_wf/single_subject_9002_wf/anat_preproc_wf/brain_extraction_wf/atropos_wf/10_me_csf/sub-9002_ses-1_T1w_ras_valid_corrected_labeled_maths_class-01_maths.nii.gz 201106-18:57:33,24 nipype.workflow WARNING: [Node] Error on "fmriprep_wf.single_subject_9002_wf.anat_preproc_wf.brain_extraction_wf.atropos_wf.11_add_gm" (/export/prod/5fa31ed129699c4b62edefa9/5fa56cfc29699ca973ee4591/fmripworkdir/fmriprep_wf/single_subject_9002_wf/anat_preproc_wf/brain_extraction_wf/atropos_wf/11_add_gm) 201106-18:57:33,586 nipype.workflow ERROR: Node 11_add_gm failed to run on host slurm7-compute8.
I am wondering if above error is caused by the data issue.. Could anyone comment on if the T2w on this dataset is indeed t2w (not t2w-flair?)

By - 11 months ago
Hello, thanks for your question. It is correct that these images are T2 FLAIR. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail for more details:
By - 12 months ago
There is something wrong with this comment system. When I click "submit", the comment gets added but it doesn't get cleared and there is no visual indication that the comment was added (at the bottom of the page). So I ended up clicking "submit comment" button several times.
By - 5 months ago
What is the repetition time of this dataset in each sessions?