Stroop Task

OpenNeuro Accession Number: ds000164Files: 92Size: 2.07GB

BIDS Validation

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Stroop Task
Stroop Task
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README for OpenfMRI dataset ds000164

### Comments added by Openfmri Curators ###

General Comments ---------------- - In the events files, all the events have a duration of 1 seconds. This was the actual length of the events. However, in their models, the authors used a duration equal to one TR length (1.5s).

Defacing -------- Pydeface was used on all anatomical images to ensure deindentification of subjects. The code can be found at

Quality Control --------------- We are having difficulties running MRIQC and have not included the results in this revision. These should be present in the next revision.

Where to discuss the dataset ---------------------------- 1) See the comments section at the bottom of the dataset page. 2) Please tag any discussion topics with the tags openfmri and dsXXXXXX accession number. 3) Send an email to Please include the dsXXXXXX accession number in your email.

Known Issues ------------ The header information for the functional files conflicts with the information provided in the manuscript (.e.g., the voxel size is 3.2 mm × 3.2 mm × 4 mm in the manuscript but 3.5 mm isotropic in the header). The acquired voxel size was 3.5mm isotropic.

Bids-validator Output

This dataset appears to be BIDS compatible. Summary: Available Tasks: Available Modalities: 89 Files, 1.57GB Stroop Task T1w 28 - Subjects bold 1 - Session


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By - about 4 years ago
Dear All, many thanks for sharing this dataset. Could you please add a Participant.csv file with age and gender for each subject? Many thanks
By - almost 4 years ago
Hey, the fmriprep 1.0.15 was only run for the very first subject and 1.0.14 only for the first three subjects? Anyone any idea why?
By - almost 4 years ago
Thank you for sharing this dataset. I am interested in doing some word based analysis for which I require the exact stimuli presented to the subject (e.g. Chair in Red) rather than just "neutral" stimuli. If convenient, can you please update this information as well. Thanks