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By michael.hanke@gmail.com - almost 2 years ago
Note to potential users of this dataset: This combined dataset is frequently treated (and cited) as the canonical source of the studyforrest dataset. Unfortunately, the data descriptor manuscripts linked above do not describe the data structure that is offered here. Instead they refer to the original publication on OpenfMRI. This has led to some confusion and misattribution of acquisition and stimulation methods for some parts of the combined dataset. Users are advised to cross-check all information with the data descriptor manuscripts. For comparison, all individual studyforrest dataset parts are available in their original granularity via https://github.com/psychoinformatics-de?q=studyforrest-data for access via https://www.datalad.org . A comprehensive list of (data) publications can be found at http://studyforrest.org/publications.html
By sarahooshmand94@gmail.com - almost 2 years ago
biomechanical modelling